So, you want to make an Audiobook?

I'm sure you have so many questions about how to get your Audiobook Produced.  Allow me to help.

I've covered some of the most common questions, in the following sections.  

However, please feel free to email me directly at if you would like a free consultation about the process. 



Crystal Clear Audio.

Meets all professional Audio  requirements for any distribution platform. 

"“She’s so good, you don’t even hear her. All you hear are MY words.”, Anne McAneny author of Raveled.



My background in writing and and my love of narration allows work together to intelligently decipher the nuances of your words.  I throw myself into the characters, accents, and rhythms of your work.  I don't just narrate. 



sell the book

I offer various options for distribution of your work.  I can advise you based upon your specific needs and dreams.  Let's not forget the dreams! There are options, believe it or not! Everything from Marketing to Distribution. I'll offer you a guiding hand